Fulling Mill – Designed by Fishermen for Fishermen – at the 2016...

Fulling Mill – Designed by Fishermen for Fishermen – at the 2016 Reading Show

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Fulling Mill is at the forefront of developing fresh and exciting new fly patterns and you can meet them at the 2016 Sportfish Reading Show. Check out their show blog now and find out more…

Fulling Mill is widely recognised as a global leader in the manufacture of high quality fishing flies. With a heritage that dates all the way back to the 1930s we have slowly but surely built a brand on the keystones of quality, value and service.

At Fulling Mill our range of flies never stands still. Sure we have all the old favourites in stock but we also love developing fresh and exciting new patterns. Since our flies are designed by fishermen for fishermen (and don’t think we are excluding fisherwomen here!) we just love trying out something new.

Every single one of our fishing flies is tied in-house in our factories in Sri Lanka and Kenya (Fulling Mill golden rule: we never ever sub-contract production) before being quality checked and distributed through our UK and US hubs.

With over 2,500 proven patterns to choose from, all made using the highest quality materials tied on the sharpest hooks, we’ve got your needs covered.

We look forward to seeing you at the main fly section in the Sportfish shop over the show weekend where you will be able to see and purchase our latest patterns and one or two brand new key fishing accessories which have just landed in the UK.



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