Tackle Up for Sea Trout! Our Top Ten Sea Trout Fishing Tips

Tackle Up for Sea Trout! Our Top Ten Sea Trout Fishing Tips

2015 Top Tips for Sea Trout

One of the most intriguing of all of our game fish species, the sea trout has been likened to both salmon and to brown trout – but it is different to both and very much a creature apart! What is for certain is that it is one of the most challenging of fish to catch but now, during the short, balmy summer nights, is THE prime time to head out and Sportfish expert Chris Hayward, from our Reading store, offers his top ten sea trout fishing tips and tackle choices to help you connect with a stunning silver sewin.

1. Don’t forget your head torch – You do have the occasional chance of a sea trout during daylight, especially in high water, but all of the serious fishing takes place after dark when the fish are more confident moving up what may be a very low summer river. A head torch is essential kit, preferably with a red beam, which is not so much to avoid spooking the fish but to prevent your night vision from becoming compromised. Carry spare batteries too.

2. Daytime reconnaissance – It’s important make sure you walk the beat in the daylight, especially if it’s new to you, and familiarise yourself with the bank and the river – where are the pools with the deeper water and the shallow glides where the current picks up pace? Confidence breeds success and familiarisation creates confidence.

3. Don’t be scared to wade – The closer you can get to your quarry the easier the cast becomes, but be SAFE and always have a wading stick and wear a lifejacket – preferably fish with a friend.

Now is the perfect time to tackle sea trout

4. Don’t be overly worried about stealth – We are one of the only countries that fish for sea trout in the dark! Be stealthy they are wild animals but don’t let it ruin your fishing. I’ve seen plenty of fish caught after lights have been on the water and even branches falling in after a bad cast into the trees!

5. It’s behind you… Remember when playing a fish in the dark it can be behind you…the flow of the river will always drag your line downstream and you can feel this weight even if the fish has run past you and upstream.

6. Take plenty of warm gear – Even in the summer months temperatures can fall to single figures, if you have warm gear and don’t wear it that’s better than being cold and not having anything to put on.

Sea_Trout_37. Don’t be scared of tiny flies – Small micro trebles and micro tubes will take plenty of sea trout on their day (or night!)

8. Cold comfort – It can be cold early season but there is every chance of a bigger fish so don’t ignore the earlier months. There may be less fish in your particular system but the chances are that they will be bigger than average.

9. Manage your casting length – Learn to cast your line pulled off the reel completely, so it hits the reel and tightens, it helps the leader to turn over and your casting length stays the same, this way you can count back the pulls prior to the next cast, building consistency and timing in your stroke.

10. Don’t cast too quickly – In the dark your casting will naturally speed up as you can’t see and this can lead to slack line in the stroke so lighten the grip and try to feel the rod tip being pulled by the line as it extends – this is your signal to commence the opposite stroke.

Our 2015 Sea Trout Fishing Course
Join us for a three night sea trout trip on the Abercothi beats of the River Towy

Now Join Us on our 2015 Sea Trout Fishing Course!

If you want to learn more about sea trout fishing then come and join me this August as the Farlows Group has teamed up with the famous Abercothi beats on the River Towy for the second year. The 2014 courses were a great success, with a cracking 9lb fish the best of 14 caught.

Sea trout fishing is often seen as a mysterious and difficult pastime, however, with the help of two highly accomplished local guides as well as myself we hope to provide some breathtaking sport. Abercothi is famous for big sea trout which hold up under the overhanging tree lines along the banks of the Towy, this makes catching them a challenge! You need nerves of steel – and a little luck – to get one to take but when you do, you better be holding on tight!

You will be staying in the Abercothi farm house, specifically styled to suit the sea trout fisher, being right on the banks of the river; this is a beautiful place to be and with fantastic home cooked food you are really looked after!

You will learn the following:

  • Day time reconnaissance and river craft
  • Tactics for night fishing, including the use of surface lures and wet flies
  • Correct selection of tackle
  • Night fishing know how
  • Daytime tactics for high water including spinning
  • Sea trout behaviour
View Full Course Details and Book Online Today »


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