Discover Tenkara Fly Fishing at the 2015 Sportfish Show

Discover Tenkara Fly Fishing at the 2015 Sportfish Show

It’s currently the hottest thing in fly fishing and you can find out just why this simple, traditional Japanese technique is putting so many fish on the bank at the Sportfish May Show – and why not give it a go yourself under the expert eye of Tenkara Centre guide Angus Campbell?

Tenkara Centre are pleased to be a part of the Sportfish Open Weekend on the 9th and 10th of May 2015. This is a fantastic opportunity to meet up with the Tenkara Centre team who will showcase their full range of quality telescopic Tenkara rods and equipment.

Tenkara at the 2015 Sportfish Show

  • Find out why this simple traditional Japanese technique is taking the world by storm and putting fish on the bank with minimal equipment, technique and fuss.
  • Speak to the experts on which rod would suit you and the river you wish to fish.
  • Get a feel for how convenient and light weight the rods are for your backpack or next fishing holiday.
  • See how well the microscopic tips perform under pressure while enhancing your fishing experience; bring out the child in you as you experience the simple rod, line and fly fishing experience – no reel involved!
2015 Tenkara Fly Fishing at the Show
Don’t miss out on the demonstration – Saturday at 10am!

Tenkara FlyPart of the Tenkara experience is also using the traditional ‘reverse hackled’ flies, which will be on display and are easy to tie. A fish tank will demonstrate how the flies pulsate through the water, teasing the most wary fish to take them!

DEMO: Saturday 9th May, 10:00 – 10.30 Angus Campbell shows you to get the most out of the brilliant Tenkara method with a demonstration on the river.

Tenkara_6Angus Campbell, one of Tenkara Centre’s certified guides, will be on hand to answer any questions and demonstrate the technique. Angus will help you select the right equipment if you wish to purchase a kit on the day and you will also get a chance to hold and cast these lightweight rods on the river before you buy.

The Sportfish show – May 9th and 10th 2015. Don’t miss out, save the date now and attend the biggest and best FREE fishing show of the year! Discover what else is happening on at the 2015 Sportfish Show »


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