Sensational New Snowbee Products at the Sportfish Open Weekend 2015.

Sensational New Snowbee Products at the Sportfish Open Weekend 2015.

2015 Snowbee Show

2015 sees Snowbee prepare for the new season with the best and broadest range of new products ever, delivering exceptional value to the consumer. Be sure to attend the 2015 Sportfish Show and visit their stand!

For years regular Snowbee customers have enjoyed consistent results and reliability, benefitting from the company’s desire for exceptional value and quality. With new rods, reels and fly lines for 2015, Snowbee will be displaying and promoting the popular performance merit of a ‘perfectly balanced’ outfit once more, giving the added benefit of an extra 20% discount on all fly rod, reel and line purchases, when bought together as a properly ‘balanced outfit’.

Snowbee WFTD Thistledown Box
Are you ‘perfectly balanced’? Visit Snowbee at the Sportfish Open Weekend to make sure you get it right!

All too frequently the consumer is faced with the dilemma of choosing the perfect outfit from all the options available and although they can appear correct in title across different brands, they don’t always work ideally together. So Snowbee continues to encourage the consumer to make one choice, safe in the knowledge one is receiving exceptional value and quality that really does work perfectly together – why make it difficult? If it’s just a rod you need and not the whole outfit then Snowbee will be giving away a FREE matching fly line with every Snowbee rod purchased at the show!

Snowbee will be displaying in particular, the NEW Geo Nano-Technology designed fly rods, which have soared in demand as the reputation for Snowbee rods has become established. This year sees three new specialist trout fly rods and four new ‘top end’ Salmon Spey and Switch rods to complement the already impressive range. Combined with the new XS-Plus fly lines like the Thistledown, River Nymph, Countdown and Kelly Blue, there is now a super-slick, memory free XS fly line for virtually every application and the most demanding of anglers.

Snowbee WFCD Countdown Family
The Snowbee WFCD family of fly lines

As well as the new versions there will be all the faithful traditional lines available too. Come and cast one of the new award winning Thistledown fly lines at the show and feel the difference for yourself – standby to be amazed as the Thistledown puts a smile on everyone’s face as it effortlessly unfolds and lives up to its name – every cast!!

Aside from the company’s Fly Rod development the new Titanium Deep Blue Boat rods and Kuroshio spinning rods have also made a sensational impact in their respective markets. Every new Deep Blue model has been tested extensively both at home and abroad in severe tropical conditions and now comes with a new handle configuration and the latest solid Titanium rings, making them amongst the most versatile, high performance and durable boat rods on the market today.

Snowbee Geo Spey 14ft
Snowbee Geo Spey 14ft #9 – 10

If its reels you are after the brand new Geo-S sets a new bench mark in reel design, available in two sizes #810 and #1012 for the discerning destination and Salmon fisher. Starting at £329 these reels have been made to last and compete with the best and moves Snowbee into a different league in terms of technology and performance. The design brief was for a range of reels with which the world’s fly fishers could take on the best that the largest rivers and widest oceans could throw at them… and win!

Snowbe Geo-S
The superb Geo-S #1012 Reel

These classy new reels feature a precision milled CNC body and spool to reduce weight, whilst retaining massive strength. The powerful, multi-disc, stacked drag system, uses a mix of stainless steel, carbon fibre and cork, to deliver the silkiest of smooth drag performances, with near zero start-up inertia. There is a fine-pitch, detent drag adjustment too for precise control from zero, to a class leading 6.5kg (14lb) at maximum drag.

2015 also sees an extension to last year’s successful launch of the SFT breathable waders for Snowbee.

The new technology in wader production, in the form of ‘stitch free’ welding technology, has reduced the age-old problem of leakage through failed stitches or seams massively and at last!! Returns on the SFT waders last year were almost non-existent and equally good for 2015. Following the successful launch of this SFT (Seamless Fusion Technology), the company has now extended this to produce a top of the range SFT wading jacket too. With a waterproof specification of 20,000mm H20, the overall garment is remarkably efficient and breathable and some 2.5 x the waterproof rating of the previous class leading ‘Prestige’ clothing, formerly the stalwart for Snowbee for many years and still available. With similar colours and style as the SFT Waders and Free boots, the combination provides the angler today with immense all weather protection and at real value when compared to branded products of similar specification.

Snowbee SFT Wading Jacket
The Snowbee SFT Wading Jacket

Other new items in the clothing range include a new ‘Long’ Waistcoat, a brand new Fly Vest/Back Pack (Tackle Testers Choice – Trout Fisherman) at £89.99, two new hi-tec windproof breathable fleeces and new high quality softshell waterproof fishing trousers.

With the extensive new clothing and accessory range, Snowbee plans to make every day at the waterside that much more special and enjoyable so come and see Snowbee at the show, talk to the people who have helped design and develop every product in the range – and try out some of the new products for yourself.

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