Summer School Holiday Fishing with the Kids

Summer School Holiday Fishing with the Kids

Kids Summer Fishing

Now we are right in the middle of the summer holiday season there has never been a better time to get the kids fishing. For once the fickle British summer is living up to expectations so fishing is a great excuse to spend some quality time in the great outdoors. There are lots of reasons why they will enjoy the experience but most important of all – it’s a lot of fun!

Fishing is also a great educational activity – a chance to learn about the environment we live in and the amazing creatures, big and small we share the great British countryside with. As we all know fishing also takes you to amazing places you probably would never see if you weren’t carrying a fishing rod.

The good news for parents is it needn’t be an expensive hobby either. We have a range of fly and lure fishing starter kits at great prices, perfect for children and beginners. They come rigged up and ready to go – you just need to add a few bits and pieces and you will be set to go. The staff in any of our stores will be pleased to help and advise you on the best tackle for the exact location you are planning to visit – find your nearest store & give us a call.

Seaside Fishing
One of the stunning seaside locations you can fish!

Here are a few ideas of where to go and what to take:

At the seaside
Piers and harbour walls offer a range of easy fishing options for youngsters, generally there is no need to cast any distance as fish will be drawn to the structure you are fishing from. Small fish will find shelter from currents and food in the weed and rocks at the base of harbour walls. This in turn will attract larger predatory fish. The perfect tackle for this our saltwater ready to go kit or something from the Savage or Snowbee LRF range. Match this with a Savage dropshot kit, a few spinners, some small weights and float fishing tackle and you will have all the tackle needed to fish for small pollock, bass, mackerel, garfish, mullet, wrasse, pouting plus a range of other mini species as well.

Kids Summer Lure Fishing
A fine pollock for a young angler!

On the canal
Canals offer great, easily accessible fishing for a range of coarse fish possibly right on your doorstep. Perch are the perfect canal species for youngsters to target, they will take anything from worms and maggots to small lures and spinners. They are voracious feeders and once you have found a shoal you can expect the action to be fast and furious. Again LRF tackle is ideal and very easy for youngsters to quickly gain confidence with.

Canal Summer Fishing
The local canal is a great place to start fishing!

On a small river
Many small rivers will be home to trout, grayling, chub and dace. All of these species are great to catch on a fly and the perfect introduction to this is with the recently introduced Japanese Tenkara fishing method. Although this is a delicate and authentic fly fishing technique there is no reel or flyline so the casting is very easy to learn. The tackle requirements are basic too, so it is also inexpensive to get started with, yet still an effective fish catching system.

So regardless of whether you are taking a vacation or a staycation this year use it to get your kids fishing this summer.

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