Course Report: Fly Fishing with a Nymph on the River Test

Course Report: Fly Fishing with a Nymph on the River Test

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Nymhphing Course

This season Sportfish has teamed up with nymphing guru and AAPGAI Master Instructor, Jim Williams, to offer an excellent one day insight into the often poorly understood world of nymph fishing. Fish spend a great deal of their time feeding sub-surface, so when the weather is poor and the fly life isn’t playing ball, why not tie a nymph on and carry on catching fish?

Our courses are held on the River Test at the Wherwell Estate, a popular venue for trout and grayling anglers alike. Wherwell’s grayling fishing has become hugely popular with weekend dates now booked as far in advance as 2015. With a well equipped spacious lodge, tea and coffee facilities and a wide range of fishing on carriers of the River Test, it’s easy to see why this is a popular venue.

GraylingWe have just completed our first course which was a huge success. Jim’s knowledge of the subject is encyclopaedic, his enthusiasm and ability to explain the subject clearly was appreciated by all the students on the course. We started in the lodge going through the use of nymphing rods and making it clear why a longer rod is often hugely beneficial for controlling line and working flies – even dry flies. Jim brought along a selection of 10, 11 and 12 foot rods for everyone to try and by the end of the day, even those who enjoy fishing with short rods could see the merit of the longer rod.

We also discussed reels and lines, but it wasn’t until we got to the use of indicators and making furled leaders that things got really interesting. There is a huge variety of options available and Jim certainly showed the class how to get the most out of using indicators, an often overlooked but essential part of bite detection.

Jim Performs a Demo
Jim Performs a Demo

After a morning in the classroom and a bite of lunch we headed off to the river where Jim gave some demonstrations applying what had been learnt in the morning. It was then over to the students to take what they had been taught and apply it in fishing scenarios. A number of fish were caught in the afternoon all on nymphs, with one student managing to catch a grayling of two pounds.

We have three more courses available being held on 14th November, 28th November and the 5th December. If you have never fished with a nymph, or would like to tune up your skills, this course could be just the job to keep you catching when everyone else has given up for the year.

Book Now Price: £149 per person. For further information or to make a telephone booking please call 0118 930 3860 or email [email protected]


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