2013 Sportfish Reading Show Roundup

2013 Sportfish Reading Show Roundup

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This years Sportfish show was a great success, and we’d like to thank everyone who attended across the two days. With over 1500 visitors the show was busier than ever! The marquee was packed with some of the latest fishing tackle & clothing, along with fly tying demonstrations from some of the leading experts. There was also plenty to see outside on the lake with a full schedule of demos.

Allan Shephard, Marketing manager, said “It has been one of our busiest years. Our customers are as keen on fishing as ever as it offers them an escape from daily routine. We’ve had all age groups and quite a lot of families here this weekend which is lovely to see as we’re always trying to get more younger people involved”.

We were lucky enough to have Charles from FieldsportsChannel.tv here on Saturday filming the day and getting some great interviews with some of our key attendees! If you’ve a few minutes please watch the film below.

Many of our key brands attended the weekend, including Sage, Simms, Hardy & Greys, Guideline, Orvis, Wychwood, Purefishing, Guide Fly Fishing and many more. We were also joined by some new companies including Tenkara Centre UK who gave a great (and very popular) demonstration of traditional Japanese Tenkara fishing techniques! There were also fantastic fly tying demonstrations taking place in the marquee throughout the weekend. One of these you can see below: How to tie a fry pattern by Jo Stephenson from B.A.S.S.

There were also some excellent cookery demonstrations by Tony Hayward from Vickers Butchers in Reading. He showed intrigued guests how to fillet a pigeon, butcher venison and how to make sausages from scratch! Alongside was the very popular Sweeny and Todds pie stall, which did a roaring trade and I can personally confirm the magnificence of these super tasty pies!

The prize for the weekends best demo must go to none other that Charles Jardine… who effortlessly combined comedy and fly fishing in some very interesting weather conditions for boat fishing! Charles went out on the Saturday in winds of 25mph+ and managed to catch a lovely big rainbow trout to order. Sunday was a much calmer affair and gave Charles more of a chance to talk about all the tackle before launching out in the boat. This sums up why we at Sportfish love hosting our annual show. It gives the chance for us to show off everything that’s great about fly fishing all in one place!

Don’t forget… leave your comments below if you enjoyed the show. Plus, if have anything to suggest for next year then please do – it’s great to share! You can also share with all your friends via our social sharing buttons below.


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