Reading Show News #3: Learn All About Tenkara

Reading Show News #3: Learn All About Tenkara

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Tenkara at the Show

Tenkara is a traditional way of fly fishing in Japan, normally using 11ft to 15ft rods but without a fly line or reel. The rods are telescopic & collapse to about 20 inches making them extremely portable.  A “leader” is attached directly to the rod tip and can be made up of straight through nylon or a furled leader, with a tippet.  Leaders are normally about the length of the rod.

What are the differences between Tenkara in comparison to western style fly fishing?

Tenkara Centre UKBecause of the “no line” method of fishing then the presentation of Tenkara can be far superior to that gained by a much heavier fly line on the water. It is this presentation that can give Tenkara the edge and the ability to possibly catch more fish. Because of the set up in Tenkara the casting is far easier and nothing like as technical as with the western fly fishing tackle. It is a short tap with the wrist and a short stroke that sends the fly out towards your target very accurately. Above all else it is the simplicity and effectiveness of Tenkara that is the appeal for a growing number of enthusiasts. The number of participants in Tenkara fishing is growing worldwide particularly in North America and across Europe.

Tenkara Centre UK was formed by directors Brian Smith and Mike Roden. It was the first British Company totally dedicated to this exciting form of fly fishing and with their own brand range of products.

Brian Smith

Brian Tenkara UKBrian is an avid fly fisher with lots of experience in all forms of fly fishing, single and double handed and now a very enthusiastic Tenkara fisher. Brian has been sourcing and trading with companies in the Far East for many years. This extensive knowledge is helping TC UK to make invaluable contacts with top manufacturers. Brian deals face to face with many of the main contacts on his visits to the area each year. This has helped us to choose the very best suppliers and manufacturers for all of our top quality products.

Mike Roden

Mike Tenkara UKMike has been a full time fly fishing instructor for 14 years, qualified to the highest level within GAIA (Game Angling Instructor’s Association) Mike has been practising all types of fly fishing for over 25 years and started Tenkara fishing many years ago. Mike has taught thousands of clients over the years and now spends many days teaching Tenkara methods to a new generation of fly fishers all enjoying this simplified form of fly fishing. He has been involved in rod testing and development with a worldwide fly fishing brand.

Mike Roden will be doing Tenkara demonstrations on the water and with Brian will be at our stand in the marquee for the whole show. We will have our full range of products available to both try and buy.

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