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Catch a Trout! Top Tips & Video Tutorial with Jonathan Tomlinson

Catch a Trout! Top Tips & Video Tutorial with Jonathan Tomlinson

Catch a Trout! Top Tips & Video Tutorial with Jonathan Tomlinson

A cold start to spring has changed the fishing routine for the Easter holiday – but don’t worry the fish are still there and feeding hard! Check out our latest video in this post and see how trout expert Jonathan Tomlinson tackles a short session on Haywards Farm Lake - right next to our Reading store - armed with his trusty Sage ONE fly rod.

NEW VIDEO: Jonathan Tomlinson, Assistant Manager at Sportfish Reading and Trout Fisherman Magazine Advice Squad expert, gives you some useful tips and tactics in this video to help you land a few more trout this Easter break!

How do I rate the Sage ONE?

The Sage ONE has been a part of my rod armory since it came out in 2012 and it has rapidly become one of my favored “go to” rods. Light in the hand it is very well balanced and exceptionally crisp with the fastest recovery rates of just about any rod I've seen. Lots of feed back from the blank together with Sages KINETIC technology has made this a very accurate all rounder capable of throwing everything from dries on a floating line to a team of mini lures on a fast sinker!

Ten Top Tips for Easter Fishing
  1. Ring the changes; don’t be scared to change fly and fly line if takes aren’t coming regularly. Start at the top with a floating line and work your way down through the depths until you start getting takes, even when the water is cold trout can feed up in the water.
  2. Don’t be tempted to stay in the same spot if you aren’t catching after 30 minutes without a take try a new spot!
  3. When fishing mini lures don’t always fish them fast, a slow retrieve especially when the temperature is cold can be the most effective method.
  4. Give nymphs a go, just because they aren’t hatching off the insects are still in the waters so buzzers, damsels etc will still catch you fish.
  5. Keep warm, as daft as it sounds with Easter being so early and with the poor run of weather we are having make sure you have enough clothes on. Always opt for more and thinner layers rather than fewer thicker layers.
  6. Make sure you have eye protection on. For those overcast cloudy days it can be all too tempting to take you glasses off, DON’T! Try using a light enhancing sunrise/yellow lense.
  7. If the weather warms up and fish start rising then try a small dry fly, e.g. Bob's bits, fly or shuttlecock buzzers, they can work a treat.
  8. When casting try fanning out your casts from left to right this allows you to cover more water than you would casting repeatedly straight out.
  9. Count down your casts. Try your first 20 casts with a count of 5, the next 20 at a count of 10 and so on until you start getting takes.
  10. Don’t always fish in the easiest spot when it comes to the wind direction, the easy option is to fish with the wind on your back, try fishing into the wind if it isn’t too strong, any food will be blown towards the Lee shore and will become an easy target for a trout.

Don’t forget... leave your comments below if you’ve enjoyed our Easter trout fishing post and Sage ONE rod review. Plus, if have any more tips then add these too – it’s great to share! You can also share with all your friends via our social sharing buttons below.
9 years ago
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9 years ago at 15:11
What weight of rod was being used, as a river angler in the main. I am looking at getting a set up for small waters, reservoirs this season after the poor weather putting most of the river out of condition for weeks.
9 years ago at 15:38
Hi Neil - the rod I was using in the clip is the 9' 6'' #7 4pce version. If you are venturing into stillwaters and reservoirs it isnt a bad compromise if you are looking at a single outfit. In an ideal world you might look to a 9' #6 for the smaller waters for more fun, if tackling the big reservoirs then a 10' #7 rod will allow for more versitility and more control when using longer leaders from both boat and bank. Hope this helps! JT
gaetano ongaro
9 years ago at 17:22
Ho 69 anni. Pesco a mosca dal 1972. Purtroppo sono colpito dalla MS da + 43 anni. Tuttavia non ho mai mollato questa stupenda passione, pur avendo la parte destra del mio corpo deficitata, riesco ancora a cavarmela. Ho ricevuto in regalo una canna SAGE ONE, 10piedi #7. E' una canna stupenda: precisa, leggera e potente. Mi sto esercitando con il braccio sx e mi riesce bene la tecnica Swiitc Cast, che adottero' in BC a pesca di grandi salmonidi. Prossimamente faro' vedere le foto. Grazie SAGE
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