Tackle Up for Stillwater Trout with JT’s Top Tips!

Tackle Up for Stillwater Trout with JT’s Top Tips!

Stillwater Trout Top Tips

Spring is in the air! After one of the wettest winters on record I bet you are all looking forward to a glimpse of sunshine to banish the winter blues. Spring is a really special time for the stillwater trout fisher – I know you can fish many waters right through the year now but opening day at any fishery is always exciting.

Are you prepared for the new season?

I see many anglers at this time of year with tackle damaged at the end of the last season and forgotten about until the day before their first trip.

Now is the time to sort out your trout fishing gear – there is nothing worse than finding the mice have made a meal of your net or your favourite fly line is cracked when you arrive on the bank.

We carry everything in stock you will need for the season ahead from a few flies to a complete new outfit. Why not bring your kit to one of our stores? Our expert staff will help you give everything a pre season once over and recommend a few bits and pieces to help make your first trip a success.

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  • Grafham – 01480 810531
  • Chew Valley Lake – 01275 332339
  • Pitsford – 01604 781350
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  • Bewl Water – 01892 890352
  • Farmoor – 07747 640707

  • Blagdon – 01275 332339
  • Foremark – 01283 703202
  • Draycote – 01788 812018
  • Eyebrook – 01536 772930
  • Ravensthorpe – 01604 770875
  • Toft Newton – 01673 878453
  • Stocks –  01200 446602

VIDEO: Jonathan Tomlinson, Assistant Manger at Sportfish Reading and Trout Fisherman Magazine Advice Squad expert, explains some of the tips and tactics that will help you land more early season trout in our new video.

Top tips for early season success

  1. Face the wind – you will often find trout feeding on the windward shore of a large stillwater. The wind will pull warm water up from the thermocline as it pushes across the surface and concentrate food on this shore. Trout are often feeding surprisingly close in.
  2. Look for features – with the current high water levels look for fence and hedge lines disappearing into the reservoir, these will hold insect life and attract feeding trout.
  3. Stay mobile – you may need to find the fish so be prepared to keep moving. If you have had nothing after 20 minutes or so move along the bank to try new water. Casting along the shore often works.
  4. Look for clear water – If its windy trout will often be found feeding along the boundary of murky water churned up by waves and clearer water in the main body of the lake. They will be hunting for nymphs and shrimps disturbed by the waves.
  5. Keep warm – weather changes quickly at this time of year. This is when top notch technical clothing really proves its worth keeping you warm and dry in all conditions.
  6. Be sensitive to temperature changes – a slight increase in water temperature can trigger an insect hatch – and some memorable rod bending sport.


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