A Day Spent on an Oxfordshire Reservoir

A Day Spent on an Oxfordshire Reservoir

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Farmoor Day

Our tuition manage Tom Festing spends a day boat fishing at Farmoor reservoir in search of some lovely trout!

Tom bends into a fit Farmoor rainbow

As the days start to get shorter and the air temperature drops there are few styles of trout fishing still available for us anglers to enjoy. Farmoor reservoir is open all year round and offers great sport through the autumn. Even though the buzzer hatches are coming to an end you can still enjoy a great day with the use of sunken lines. So on a blustery day in October I ventured down to fish Farmoor II which is the larger of the two reservoirs located side by side. The reports from the fishery were relatively positive with the average boat catching six fish.

So, after purchasing our tickets we drove down to our boat which was a 15 ft Cullen boat. After setting up our rods and loading other equipment on to the boat we were ready to motor out to our first anchored position.

When deciding what rods to use on a reservoir it’s very important to choose a rod that is long enough to lift your line and clear it away from the boat on the back cast. The reason for this is that you will be sitting down in the boat. So I would suggest either a 9’6 or a 10ft length. This also has an advantage when fishing floating lines in the warmer months when the use of the roll cast can be important. The action of the rod doesn’t want to be too soft as you will find it hard to connect with takes if you are either fishing at distance or at depth. When fishing a reservoir inevitably you have plenty of depth option that you can fish at so carrying two rods loaded with two different sink rated lines will be advantageous. My choice for this particular day was to load a Airflow fast glass sixth sense line onto my Sportfish Purecast 10ft #7 and a Airflow Di-7 sixth sense matched up to my Sportfish Purecast 9,6 #7.

A fine pair of Purecasts

Both set ups were used throughout the day however it became apparent that the Sportfish  Purecast 9’6 #7 and Di-7 became the combination of choice, as the fish seemed to be in the bottom column of water. Both rods performed to a very high standard and handled the terrible wind that we experienced throughout the day. The Purecast 9’6#7 felt as though it was the perfect tool for the job as I could not fault it. It delivered the Di-7 at distance with incredible ease and this rod would be hard to beat at an incredible price of only £169. The Sportfish Purecast 10ft #7 which is the slightly softer of the two rods was the ideal partner for the fast glass line and again for those times when you are fishing high in the water column you would be hard pushed to find fault at a price of £175.

Our days fishing bought six fish to the boat with plenty more being lost, most but not all came on Boobies which come in various colours. The colour that seemed to work on this day was a black and green combination you will find a great selection of flies that Fulling Mill tie for Sportfish.



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