A Day on Farmoor Reservoir

A Day on Farmoor Reservoir

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Trout Fishing via Boat

Campbell Thomson enjoys a day on Sportfish Reading’s local reservoir fishery.

Campbell with a nice Farmoor rainbow

On a bright and very breezy mid-October day, Tom Festing and I decided on taking a day on Farmoor Reservoir. Having fished regularly on Scottish Lochs, dams and reservoirs I was looking forward to my first outing on an English equivalent. Arriving at the ticket office we paid our permit and picked up our boat number. Very importantly we were offered Life jackets which are mandatory on most good fisheries, or if not, should be. Tom and I had brought our own the ‘England Survivor Life Jacket’

These jackets are CE approved with both manually and fully automatically activated and with an impressive 174 Newton’s which should keep you afloat. It is generally accepted that most drowning’s are a result of losing consciousness by hitting your head as you fall or by the effects of hypothermia. The jackets should be worn on, boat, bank or river. On activating these jackets inflate and should position your head upright with your face out of the water. The jacket, as you can see from the photo is un-obtrusive and in no way impaired my casting action. Sportfish has a range of jackets by both Englands and Snowbee. Fly Vests incorporating life jackets are also available. We also supply a range of re-arming kits in case your jackets are inflated.

The Wychwood VUEfinder fly box is perfect for the reservoir angler

On to the fishing, as the conditions were bright sunshine with a 15-20 mile westerly wind with gusts up to 30 mph, I decided on fishing deep. I matched the Sage TCX with a Rio Deep 4 sinking line, confident that the stiffness of the rod would handle the sinking line with ease, which it did. After experimenting with various fly combinations all success pointed to the ‘Booby’ in black or white, Sportfish are able to offer a full range of these flies tied by Fulling Mill. Choosing the fly I wished to try was made far easier by storing my flies in the ‘Wychwood’ View finder fly box. The clear cover enables choosing your preferred fly without the risk of them blowing away on the wind. An extensive range of fly boxes and accessories are available from Sportfish.

Having a boat partner is always recommended when fishing from a boat, both from a safety point of view but also for the company. A good boat partner can liven up the day especially when the fishing is dour. Movement whilst afloat should be kept to a minimum and casting made sitting down. A long handled net is an essential piece of kit, enabling you or your partner to land your catch without over-stretching and possibly tipping the boat


Another rainbow in the net!

A full range of nets and accessories are available from Sportfish including McLean, Snowbee, Greys, Sportfish Value and Hardy

Considering the difficult conditions a thoroughly enjoyable day aided by having the correct equipment. Information and advice regarding the equipment used or any other queries can be made by contacting any of the Sportfish staff.


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