New Hardy Mach Spey Floating & Sink Tip Lines

New Hardy Mach Spey Floating & Sink Tip Lines

These salmon lines have been designed for the angler who likes the long range mending and line control that only a full fly line design can deliver. With individual line size head lengths and tapers these lines are an awesome high performance casting line that does not require perfect technique to generate outstanding results.


The Mach Spey series of lines have an advanced head design that delivers both high performance results and ease of casting to anglers of all abilities who prefer a full line design. Available in Floating  & Sink Tip with a refined taper so that polyleaders can also be added with no reduction in performance.


  • Designed by Ian Gordon
  • Weight forward taper
  • Designed to match the latest Hardy & Greys Salmon rods
  • Each line features a specific head length and modified profile to achieve maximum efficiency
  • Head lengths from 48′ to 60′ depending on size
  • Vivid colour change helps visually judge optimum loading point at the rod tip
  • Supple yet stable surface coating with a supple core ensures easy handling and low memory
  • Available in Floating, Intermediate (with Floating Running Line), Intermediate Sink Tip (with Floating Body) and Wet 2 Sinking (with Floating Running Line) variants.

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