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Carp Rods

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By Danny North

One of the most important pieces of kit that any carp angler purchases is their carp rods.

Choosing the right rod for the water they are fishing is so important. The rod must be capable of giving the casting distance required. Will it cast the weights needed? Will it cope with pva bags? All these questions must be asked by the angler before they make their final decision.

For smaller lakes, where the required casting distance would be up to 75 yards, I would recommend a 12ft rod with a test curve of 2.75 lb, this is a perfect all round rod. It will have a fairly through action and will be suitable  for floater fishing as we well as more conventional carp fishing.

For medium to large lakes a 12ft rod of 3.00-3.25lb test curve will be most suitable, this matched with the right reel and line will achieve distances in excess of 120 yards even with a small pva bag !! But will still have a nice action to play carp at close quarters.

For large lakes and extreme distance, then you really will need a specialised long distance carp rod, that will be 12ft or even 13ft with a test curve of 3.5lb or 3.75lb. These are extreme distance rods that are specifically designed to cast huge distances, in excess of 150 yards plus !! Of course you will also need specially designed reels and mainline to achieve these distances and more importantly, a very good casting technique!!

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