If Carlsberg made fly rods and reels

If Carlsberg made fly rods and reels

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Steve Hunt spends a day trout fishing with a Hardy Zenith Sintrix 9′ #5 matched with Waterworks ULA Force 2X SL fly reel.

If Carlsberg made fly rods and reels they would have just copied the HARDY SINTRIX  ZENITH FLY ROD AND THE LAMSON ULA FORCE SL REEL.

Probably the finest combination money can buy, a true marriage made in heaven.

All these superlatives describe the rod and reel combination I used recently at our local trout fishery Delbury Hall in Shropshire.

Right from the start whilst tackling up, the rod felt very well balanced a well shaped cork handle that felt snug in the hand this was complimented with a very impressively designed two part skeletal reel seat ,this gave the rod a very modern look, and certainly stands out from the crowd.

The unbelievably thin diameter light sage coloured green blank is trimmed with dark green whippings and is furnished with top of the line single leg titanium guides from REC and Fuji

The rod exudes quality!

I teamed this up with my newly acquired Waterworks ULA Force SL 2X Reel. Unbelievably this package weighed in at less than 6oz!

This latest reel from the design guru Mark Farris from Waterworks, although expensive is a true revelation and the lightest reel I’ve ever handled, but looks strong and engineered to perfection as you would expect, the drag is trade mark smooth as with all the LAMSON-WATERWORKS range.

Although it was a very windy day the rod performed very well coping with flies I wouldn’t normally use on a windy day with 5#.

But equally it presented a small dry fly to rising trout with pinpoint accuracy.

The rod felt very responsive in the hand lifting and controlling line with ease, roll casting with the rod was also easy to achieve.

Recovery of the tip was truly outstanding and the distance I achieved was truly amazing for such a light rod.

The reel complemented the rod and was a perfect balance, the drag knob was just big enough and extruded beyond the cage to find and adjust when needed.

Line retrieval was excellent with the true large arbor design this made excess line retrieval from a long cast an easy operation, and prevented me standing all over the line when I had a take.

I chose the X model reel which allows more backing without the need to go to the next size reel.

The reason for my choice of rod and reel is that I wanted the lightest 5# rod and reel on the market today; although expensive it has to be one of the finest all round #5 fly rods and reel combinations I’ve ever cast and made my day a very pleasant one.

Now… whose round is it?

To buy your Hardy Zenith click here or Waterworks ULA click here. For more information or advice please call Steve on 01544 327111.



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