Carp Fishing Accessories

Carp Fishing Accessories

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By Danny North

The choice of carp fishing accessories has never been better, from bite alarms, to bed chairs and bivvies etc.

There are many innovative companies, designing excellent new products almost weekly, to help us put a few extra carp on the bank !!

Lets try and cover some of the more every day items such as pva, hooklink materials, lead clips, etc.

Korda have brought out probably the most comprehensive and easiest to use range of pva that is available, right from their pva tape up to the funnel web systems, it all makes, for us anglers being able to present free offerings, in a way that we have never been able to in the past.

The choice of hook link material is vast, from companies like, Nash, Kryston, Korda, etc, one of the biggest innovations is coated hook links, it has made presentation so easy for tying hinged rigs. They also have excellent anti –tangle properties, in that the coatings are stiff and will reduce tangles whilst casting, then there are stiff nylon or fluorocarbon hook links like, Korda IQ , Mouthtrap, etc. All of these products are designed in making the job far easier in tying up our Chod rigs or stiff hinged rigs.

Lead clips are another huge step forward in presentation and carp care, these are of course designed to hold the lead in place whilst casting, yet if the carp gets snagged, or weeded up whilst playing the carp in, then the lead clip will release the lead, so as to make the line and hook length more stream lined, making it easier to bring through weed etc, also if in the event that your main  line breaks, the lead clip is designed to safely slip off your leader or line, leaving the carp free of the lead and lead clip.

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