Taking Care Of Your Lines

Taking Care Of Your Lines

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  • Avoid using insect repellent inside your hands. Use the back of the hands to spread repellent to the neck and face.
  • Never leave your flyreel exposed to strong, direct sunlight inside your car. The heat buildup from the sun coming through the windshield or rear window can literally cook the line.
  • A clean flyline will perform much better than a dirty one! Even when you are fishing in clean waters, small particles of dirt will get stuck to the line. When the tip of your flyline starts to sink, you have overlooked this important point of maintenance far too long. Clean with mild soap and a clean cloth, use lightly tempered water.
  • Line dressings make casting fun and help the line to glide through the guides and float better. Apply line dressing regularly but sparsely. Aways read the maunfacturer’s recommendations first.
  • Stretch the line before fishing, it will cast much better.
  • Practise casting on a lawn and not on dirt or asphalt.
  • Don’t drag the line over rocks or through bushes. Neither drag or “snap” the line when it gets stuck on the ground. The coating is not built to handle this and will get damaged if you do so.
  • To remove twists and kinks, take off the leader and troll the line behind the boat for a few minutes. On a river, just let the line hang in the current.  Removal of twists can also be achieved by pulling the flyline between your fingers – always from the rear end towards the front taper.  You might have to repeat the operation several times.
  • Always make sure that your lines and backing are dry as if put in an enclosed enviroment they will get stained and sticky from mildew.  This will attack the finish, which may result in poor casting and reduced floatability.  To prevent this ever happening we recommend that the backing and flyline is stowed on a large arbour, vented spool.
  • These short videos shows fly fishers the very best way to clean a fly line and keep it in the best of condition.



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