Lamson Guru Fly Reel Review

Lamson Guru Fly Reel Review

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The Lamson Guru reel is Lamson’s cheapest fully machined reel and therefore a great buy for those of us who want quality but are keen on value for money.

Lamson Guru Fly Reels

The Lamson Guru has a sealed drag system so therefore you can put the Guru through it’s paces in fresh water and salt.  But, like any reel its always wash mine off in freshwater after going to the seaside. The range offers 5 sizes from WF3-5 right through to WF11.

The Lamson Guru offers the same design and component features as the more expensive Lamson reels, so this really is a fantastic buy. The Lamson Guru is my choice for teaching purposes as it is light and features a simple uncomplicated drag system that you can rely on.

This reel is discontinued. Please view all current Lamson reels here »



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