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Sebile Magic Swimmer Hardbait Lure

Sebile’s Magic Swimmer’s unique natural action sets this lure apart from all others making them irresistible for all predatory fish. The 3-way jointed body swims as if its alive and with a short twitch, this lure can even perform a full 180-degree turn.


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The real life action of the Magic Swimmer will fool the most finicky fish. Its specially designed joints allows for a naturally free-swimming motion guaranteed to trigger strikes. As it subtly moves through the water its sound chamber emits a discrete chatter. Superior balance allows for excellent casting and a steady retrieve at a variety of depths. This swim-bait is best used with a steady retrieve accented by twitches of the rod-tip. Speed and depth of retrieve can be controlled by the angler.

Recommended for : Trophy Bass, Striper, Musky, Redfish, Snook, Pike, Salmon, Peacock Bass, Kingfish and other predator species.

  • Holo Greenie : 10g, 21g & 45g
  • Perch : 21g & 45g
  • Natural Shiner : 10g & 21g
Size/Variant Colour Length Weight g/oz/lbs Price
10g Holo Greenie 9.5cm/3.7in 10g 14.99
21g Holo Greenie 12.5cm/4.9in 21g 14.99
45g Holo Greenie 16.5cm/6.5in 45g 14.99
21g Perch 12.5cm/4.9in 21g 14.99
45g Perch 16.5cm/6.5in 45g 14.99
10g Natural Shiner 9.5cm/3.7in 10g 14.99
21g Natural Shiner 12.5cm/4.9in 21g 14.99
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