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  • Boat Fishing & Float Tube Fishing

    Boat Fishing & Float Tubes

    A comfortable boat seat will make a day on the water more enjoyable and using a drogue will help you catch more on a windy day. Why not let an eco-friendly electric boat motor do the hard work, giving you more time to relax! Float tubes are also a popular and inexpensive method of fly fishing afloat.

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  1. Deeper Smart Fishfinder

    Deeper Smart Fishfinder


    Deeper Smart Fishfinder is especially designed for amateur and professional fishermen alike, to find out location of fish, depth, water temperature, bottom contour of water and many more. It is the first Smart Fishfinder in the world working on smartphones and tablets. It can be used in ocean, river or lake; salt or fresh waters. Using amazing and revolutionary technology, Deeper Smart Fishfinder is the ideal tool to bring the fish to you.

    With Deeper Smart Fishfinder you only need one device for any location and any time fishing. It’s completely portable, so you can fish places other fish finder’s can’t reach. From the shore, dock, kayak or boat. This unique wireless technology will help you gather intelligence anywhere you go. Once you attach the Deeper to your line, you will have instant information about fish, structure, depth and even water temperature – anywhere you cast.

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  2. Greys Platinum Fishing Drogue

    Greys Platinum Fishing Drogue


    The Drogue is essential equipment for all boat anglers. It holds you over the fish for longer periods.

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  3. Rutland Boat Seat Buggy With Wheels

    Rutland Boat Seat Buggy With Wheels

    Clever boat seat which comes with wheels & straps & works as a trolley for all your gear on the way to the boat.
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  4. Rutland Deluxe Boat Seat

    Rutland Deluxe Boat Seat

    Adjustable to fit any boat width. Constructed of strong, lightweight box section aluminium, with wooden reinforcement to eliminate bending. Learn More
  5. Shakespeare Sigma Electric Motor

    Shakespeare Sigma Electric Motor

    Price From: £189.99
    The engines are stronger, they use less power and provide more thrust. Learn More
  6. TLD Boat Seat

    TLD Boat Seat

    Price From: £39.99

    Provides excellent support and comfort for the day's boat fishing.
    Models Available : Clamp & Deluxe Version

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  7. Vision Keeper Float Tube Kit

    Vision Keeper Float Tube Kit


    An incredibly comfortable and safe V-shaped Twin Hull Float Tube with four individual inflatable bladders. Easily assembled and inflated in minutes.

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  8. Wychwood Competition Fishing Drogue

    Wychwood Competition Fishing Drogue


    A parachute drogue that is fixed and adjusted simply by clamps to the gunnels.

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